How long can an individual collect assistance from the government over a life span Food stamps WIC Etc Not including financial aid?

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Where can you find someone to assist with stamp collection?

Contact philatelists in your area. Stamp clubs are happy to help people to learn about the hobby. Check your local newspapers for events and club meetings. If there are stamp

If you and your girlfriend are minors and are emancipated in Wisconsin do you qualify to obtain financial help from the government such as low income housing wicks food stamps etc?

First, Wisconsin doesn't have an emancipation statute (unless they've added one very recently), so there is no actual legal process in place through which a minor can petition

Why does the federal government provide financial aid?

Primarily to maintain "Big government" and keep the populace dependant on them. This is a simple anwer ... If the government didn't offer financial aide then us the people wou

How long can an individual collect assistance from the government over a life span Food stamps WIC Etc Not including financial aid.?

You can get a check called TEA/AFDC (varies in states) for 2 years lifetime MAXIMUM. food stamps do not have a lifetime maximum.. WIC goes till the child turns 5. The curren

Can convicted felons get government assistance such as food stamps?

It's my understanding that no, WE cannot. No food stamps and no welfare, no HUD, nothing that I know of. My convictions were for drugs. Now that I've successfully completed a

How long does it take to get your financial aid?

it took 3 days and four nights until AIDS got to Haiti. By the time AID got there it was to late over 1000 people had died and 500 were near death. You could walk dow

Financial life cycle of an individual?

There are basically three stages . These are ,the accumulation phase, consolidation phase and the spending phase The accumulation phase A stage where individuals accumulates

Can collection agencies garnish financial aid?

I would think not, that money is to be used for educational expenses only! That money is backed by the federal gov't to be used for your education! If they did that I'm sure y
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Can you finish your BA without financial aid assistance?

That would depend on how much money you have saved up and if you are working during college or not, and also if you want to finish within the traditional 4 years. Some people