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How long do the withdrawal symptoms from getting off Effexor last?

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How long will your withdrawal symptoms last?

One to Three weeks generally depending on drug used and frequency/quantity. This is to feel somewhat normal physically, but recovery is an on going process and getting to the

What are the withdrawal symptoms of coming off Risperdal and how long will they generally last?

Hi, I am coming off Risperdal after 3 months. Withdrawal symptoms seems to be slight insomnia, extreme irritability. As this is the 6th day, I'd say it is going to be some tim

What are the withdrawal symptoms for Effexor XR?

The withdrawal symptoms of Effexor XR include restlessness, irritability, weight gain, and tremors. Dose reduction is recommended to reduce possible side effects. Discontinuin

How long do Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms last?

There are several habits to consider that are thought to influenceWellbutrin withdrawal. The amount of time the drug is taken, thedosage, individual physiology, and whether a

How long do the withdrawal symptoms from getting off Prozac last?

9 to 12 days but if like me its making you worse even at 20mg stop taking it. Doctors try to make you keep taking it to hope things get better, but they don't. If your taking

Effexor withdrawal symptoms?

When i run out of my effexor by the 2nd day i experience symptoms. These include first i start to get very anxious, followed by diarhea, cold sweats, hot flashes, then comes t

How long does Effexor withdrawal last?

Not too long. A couple of weeks. My Doc prescribed that stuff for me because of heart palpitations "brought on by panic attacks". The fact that my heart would skip beats is wh

How long do Effexor xr withdrawal symptoms last?

I AM NOT A DOCTOR, SO KEEP THAT IN MIND. However, I just read another "answer" about withdrawing from Effexor and felt really badly about what was posted. I do not think that

Withdrawal symptoms from Effexor?

Under a doctor's supervision, I am switching my medications from Effexor XR to another anti-depressant. I am currently weaning off the Effexor and experiencing irritability, r

How long does withdrawal symptoms last?

If you are talking about withdrawal symptoms from a narcotic drug (oxycontin, MS contin, oxynorm, endone, etc) then symptoms will last 4 or 5 days. They will include shivers,