How long has Angela Merkel been in office as the leader of Germany?

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Angela Merkel is the Chancellor or Germany, which is the head of government. President Joachim Gauck is the head of state. Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor since November 2005.
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Who is Angela Merkel?

Angela Merkel (born July 17, 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany) is aGerman politician who has served as the chancellor of Germany sinceNovember 22, 2005.

Is Angela Merkel the leader of Germany?

No, she is the Chancellor, which is the leader of the Germangovernment. Germany has a president who is the head of state.Currently that is Joachim Gauck.

How did Angela merkel become the leader of Germany?

Angela Merkel is the Chancellor, which is the head of government,not the head of state. President Joachim Gauck holds that position. Angela Merkel became the chancellor of Ge

For how many years has Angela Merkel ruled Germany?

Angela Merkel became German Chancellor on 22 November 2005 and was re-elected on 27 September 2009. She has been in power for four and a half years.

Does Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany support or oppose same-sex marriage?

She doesn't seem to support it, at least not strongly. Although she boasts that her coalition has done a lot to improve the situation of same-sex couples in Germany, when aske

Who is the Angela merkel?

Angela DorotheaMerkel née Kasner ;born 17 July 1954) is a German politician who has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005,and the Leader of theChristian Democr

What movie and television projects has Angela Merkel been in?

Angela Merkel has: Played herself in "M: Monitor" in 1965. Played herself in "Canada A.M." in 1972. Played herself in "III nach neun" in 1974. Played herself in "Extra Drei" i

Why is Angela Merkel an effective leader?

She is well educated. She can get along with others but she is not afraid to tell other world leaders when she thinks they are in the wrong. Germans respect her for standing u