How long is ludacris braids?

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How do you braid?

I i weaR Braids all the time and i know how. TrUsT Me iT WoRkS! Step one : Separtate a strand of hair from the rest Step two : Separate the strand into three strands Step three : cross the far right strand over the middle strand Step four : collect hair from the right side of y (MORE)

Who is Ludacris dating?

It has not yet been confirmed, but it is rumored that he is dating the actress Gabrielle Union from Bad Boys II. but in my opinion i don't think he is a virgin.

How do you do braids?

take 3 pieces of hair and over lap them together and put a hair thing at the end.

Is ludacris a crip?

Hell Naw cause luda dont bang ^^ he do bang just not publicly, listin to his put on freestyle when he Vs. chamillionare. Ludacris clearly says, "I been rollin fo da 60's" (Rollin 60's Crip)

How long does your hair need to be to get braids?

Well your hair shouldn't be bald. there are people in the world that can braid REALLY SHORT hair. now,my hair is only to my ear.(because I cut it REAL SHORT.) and I am thinking about getting micro-braids. I want them really long. so your hair can be just about ANY length. JUST NOT BALD! (MORE)

Is ludacris a blood?

No hes not cause luda dont bang cause if he did it would be all over the track

Is ludacris in a gang?

Ludacris is an a gang.. Although i can not remember if he is a blood or a crip he is one and the game also is one. They are the opposite and are going on tour together.. can this be good or bad? edit***** ludacris reps folk nation my nation in act a fool he states " my folk ridin shotgun with a sh (MORE)

What is braiding?

Braiding ;; to weave together strips or strands of; plait: to braid the hair. -LaCheyenne. . .

Who is ludacris going out with?

ludacris do not go out with tyra banks who ever said that they are freakin lying andd y'all don't need know who the sexy sexy man dating so mind your business

Is ludacris a southsider?

Yes, he is. He is raised in Atlanta, and he almost in every song mention Atlanta the state where he is raised which is in the south side .

What is ludacris name?

His name is Christopher Brian Bridges. Was raped as a young boy by his father ! NuFF SaiD

What is braid?

Either a normal plait, or little plaits along the scalp, made by weaving three selections of hair together.

Can you get braids?

yes you can get braids done positionally and you can get braids weaved in also

What is a braiding?

braiding is when you part your hair in thirds, i suggest do a side braid. take one of the side part then replace it with the middle. then take the other side part and replace it in the middle and each time you replace you pull all the sections of your hair so your braid is tight enough. ra shay

Can you have micro braids if you have long hair?

Yes y can...usually the longer the hair the more it will cost u....make sure they DONT glur the ends of your me I hve been to many of shops and so have my frinds...they will get lazy and wont braid past your hair and will glue parts of your hair....and I usually have them leave the edg (MORE)

How do you braid individual braids?

Split hair into 3 pieces and take the middle strip and put it over the left strip . Then take the new middle strip and put it over the right strip . Then take the middle and go left , then right and so on until you reach the bottom .

How long do you wait to perm hair after braids?

Your hair is very weak after braids. You only need to let the condition stay in your hair for about 4 to 5 days then after that get a relaxer. I don't recommend getting a relaxer right after braids. You need to give your hair time to strengthen because if you don't more of your hair will come out. Y (MORE)

How long do you keep dreads braided to make curly?

Ideally, leaving them braided overnight (covered with a scarf of some sort of course) is the easiest, most hassle free method because the hair is left alone for hours and you're not tempted to tamper with it (you're sleep!). If that's not an option, honestly a couple of hours should be fine (two at (MORE)

How long does your hair have to be to get it braided?

The length depends on the texture of your hair and the person braiding it. Generally, hair that is at least an inch long Can be braided. For people who have the hair properties of that of a Caucasian, your hair would need to be a bit longer, like around three inches. The reason for this is because t (MORE)

How long does it take to do a french braid?

If you are very good at doing braids and know how to do a french braid (either have done one before OR seen a youtube tutorial) it shouldn't take too long. It also depends on your hair length.

Is ludacris a freemason?

Probably not. People might make stupid rumours like that like Michael Jackson is a pedofile and lady gaga is a man but really they ain't true even Lady Gagas manager says its a load of rubbish and when MJ helps poor children people think that he is going on to them Even people make signs like (MORE)

Is ludacris a rapper?

Yes, he has featured in many songs to rap. He has featured in songs like baby by Justin Bieber

Is ludacris a mason?

Unless the person specifically states that he is a member of the Freemasons, it is hard to know for sure.

What is a braided narrative?

A braided narrative begins with two or more separate narratives. At first, they seem unconnected, but eventually they join up, usually shedding light on each other in some way. It's very commonly used in thrillers, but there are plenty of examples in other genres, including literary fiction and essa (MORE)

Who Ludacris About To Sign?

Hearing Pencil Da' Great Rap All Over Twitter , Ludacris Took The Time To Listen To This Youngster. He Says He Could Join DTP (Disturbing The Peace) , A Group Containing To Ludacris , And Be One Of The Youngest members. Ludacris Thought That this Youngster Has The Mentality And Delivery Soo He's One (MORE)

How long should you wait to braid your hair after coloring?

I was told there is no limit. You must wait 2 weeks before coloring if you're doing a permanent relaxer but as far as a color, no rules apply. You can get braids immediately after and it would have no affect. This is because braiding hair typically doesn't involve the usage of any chemicals.

What does the word ludacris?

Ludacris is actually spelled Ludicrous, and it means krazy. The rapper Ludacris spells his name like Ludacris because his rap flow is krazy.

How long can you leave in your braids?

You can leave in your braids for quite some time, but make sure that unicorns have advocated the no horn goes unscorned bill, and Mrs. Leprechaun has 826 children coming out of her left ovary. After that, Bill Clinton has to high-five Chuck Norris using a dell laptop that has been rolling in the dee (MORE)

How long does braided nylon fishing line last?

Braid fishing line is long lived and it's use is only limited by it's condition. When compared to monofiliment it has no memory and it is not affected UV light so it can be used indefinitely. All that is required is the occasional physical inspection (examining the line) to ensure there are no nicks (MORE)

How long does your hair have to be to make braids?

The length I would say that you can't braid with, would be just shorter than the end of your neck. I cut my hair down to the bottom of my neck before, and I was still able to braid it, just not very well. So I would recommend getting it at least shoulder length, if not, longer.