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How long should you wait if you need to repeat the blood pressure procdure?

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How long should you wait to have a blood pregnancy test?

I would say to go to the doctors as soon as possible, no need to wait! The worst answer would be that you are not and if so you can move on with your life. But yes set up an

How long should you wait to seal your pressure treated deck?

  You should follow the MFG recommendations, or wait until the wood is very dry. If the wood has not dried, then the sealer or stain will not adhere to the surface and

How long should you wait before retaking blood pressure on the same arm?

  When a coworker went to donate, the first reading was "too high" they said, so they had them rest in the waiting area for 5 or so minutes...before re-trying; on the same

This girl likes you but she need to get divorce how long should you wait?

Isn't that nice...this girl likes you. And she must be the kind of girl anyone would be proud to know since she is a married woman and is messing around with other men - YOU,

How long should you wait to exercise after drawing blood?

A delay of 5 hours is suggested as an absolute minimum after giving blood before undertaking the lifting or moving of heavy weights.    However the majority of sources

How long should you wait to drink alcohol after donating blood?

A person has to wait atleast 24 hours after donating blood. I am saying this out of my own experience; I had a beer after i donated blood , and it was i believe 4 hours after