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How long would it take to travel to Jupiter?

With current technology, probably a few years. It really depends onthe speed; the general relationship (assuming a contast speed) is: distance = speed x time Solving for tim

How long did it take to travel the Trail of Tears?

it took about a year if you took the land route, which started in southeastern Tennessee, crossed north across western Kentucky, crossed southern Illinois, the Mississippi R.,

Why did settlers travel on the trails heading west and how did they travel?

Settlers went by wagon train, especially if they were poor, which many were and couldn't afford the long trek by boat around South America or through the Panama isthmus (there

How long will it take to travel in the Oregon Trail?

If you were traveling the trail with a covered wagon, it would take you 5-6 months. if you were traveling in a car for 8 hours every day at 62.5 mph, you could travel the Oreg

How long would it take to drive the Oregon Trail?

That's a good question with alot of variables. From Missouri to Oregon? The trail in each individaul state? Map out your own individual plan, and then use the mapping and dire

How long did it take to travel the Mormon trail by handcart?

Most of the pioneer handcart companies took about 3 months to travel the trail from the Midwest to Utah. Many who used handcarts came from Europe and had already been travelin