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How many watts does an eighty foot tall wind turbine produce?

  The height of a wind turbine has no impact on the turbine's output wattage. The factors that effect the watts produced are:   * The efficiency of turbine design (th (MORE)

How many KWH does a turbine get for 10 mph winds?

The amount of KWH depends completely on several factors including the span of the wings, density of air. A smaller wind turbine installed at roof top will surely generate less (MORE)

How many watts of wind power does it take to turn a large wind turbine?

  Wind power isn't measured in watts. It takes a certain amount of wind to spin the blades. They can turn the angle of the wind turbine blades to help catch the wind. I be (MORE)

How many watts does a pizza oven use?

When it comes to purchasing an electric pizza oven, there are many factors to consider. The number of watts, or amount of power that an oven uses, depends on the size. Counter (MORE)

How many months will pass for one 1500 watt heater to heat from 50 deg to 72 degree room temp utilizing single 60ft diameter wind turbine given 30mph winds?

These is not enough info in this question. Firstly, what has this 1500 watt heater got to heat? Itself? A room full of air? How big a room? Any heat loss from the room? Also, (MORE)

How many 500watt electric tequila blenders be operated with a single 50ft diameter wind turbine assuming 10mph windspeed?

Let's assume the system is rated at 1 Megawatt. That means the system at 10 mph constant wind would be supplying roughly 7% of the rated power. (At 14 mph it would be at 10% (MORE)

How many watts does a wind turbine produce?

A single 1.8 mega watt turbine, in one year, can produce 5.0 million kilowatts of electricity and supply enough power to generate for five hundred homes. 20 1.8 mega watt turb (MORE)