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How many American people are in the world?

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How many Tamil people in the world?

Over 100 million people. They are related to Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu, and Telugu. It is spoken mostly in Tamil Nadu. It is an official language in three different states of I

How many people in the world are vegan?

According to the Vegan Organization World News, these are the numbers:  2008: 0.5% of the population (6)   2006: 1.4% of the population (5)   2003: 1.8% of the popula

How many people are Islamic in the world?

Answer 1   What do you mean by Islamic here? If you mean Muslims or followers  of Islam and prophet Mohammed, you are talking about 1/3 of the  world. Muslims are the 2n

How many people single in the world?

Approximately calculation is shows off 2320644660 people are single(not married and not in a relationship) in our world (kids&babies including)

How many people in the world have dogs?

   44.8 Million people in the United States have at least one dog as a pet. There are 74.8 million dogs owned total. This is for the United States, Not the world.  I

How many people in the world have Ph.D?

Just over 1% of the US population currently holds a PhD or professional degree according to the census data released in 2004. http://www.census.gov/population/socdemo/educatio