How many apples are in an apple seed?

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There are no apples in an apple seed due to the germantion but if you plant the seed it will aventually grow into either an apple or an apple tree x
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How Many Apples are in One Apple Seed?

There are no apples in a seed only the potential to grow a tree that given the right conditions and care may one day produce fruit. Most fruit trees are now grafted onto hardy

How many apple seeds are in an apple?

This vary from apple to apple, and also very much between the type of apple. Most apples have between 8-12 seeds, but some have less, others have many many more. The amou

How many seeds do apples contain?

Apples have an indeterminate amount of seeds. Not all ovules are fertilised and so not all of them form into seeds. The number of seeds is also determined by the variety of ap

How many seed that apple have?

Seeds of fruit are formed when the pollen from the anther of one plant fertilizes the egg in another plants ovaries. The "star" you see when you cut an apple in half is due to
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How many seeds does an custard apple have?

Nobody can tell you the exact number. It may vary from 5 till 15(18). That is the same as in apple. In one fruit you may find 2seeds in other more than 5.