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How many areas of silver does Mexico produce this mineral?

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Is silver mineral or non mineral?

Silver is classified as a precious metal, like gold. If the silver occurs as a free element in nature, it is mineral. If it occurs as part of other minerals such as lead, copp

How many areas of Mexico produce petroleum?

a lot of many areas in mexico produce petroleum but the biggest  petroleum (oil) reserve is in the town of Tuxpan on the Gulf coast  of Mexico.

What is an area that can produce many crops?

Hawaii has been regarded as the agriculture "testing plot" of the United States. With its practically year round growing season, abundant rainfall and amendable soils,it is ve

What does Mexico do with there silver?

Most of it is sold or exported to several companies in and out of Mexico for industrial purposes -- for example, radiofrequency connectors. A small portion is sold for jewelry
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How many different types of minerals are there in Mexico?

All of them can be found in Mexico. What varies though, is the concentration of such minerals. For example, Mexico's mining industry extracts more than 152 million ounces of s
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How many areas of Mexico produces copper?

The northern state of Sonora, bordering both Arizona and the Gulf of California, produces 80.6% of Mexico's total refined copper production of 33,890 tonnes for 2011. The rema
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How does Mexico produce silver and oil?

Both are mined or extracted with modern equipment, including offshore platforms, excavators, loaders and drills. For natural resource transportation, dump trucks (for ore haul