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How many areas of silver does Mexico produce this mineral?

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Is silver a mineral?

Silver is more commonly referred to as a precious metal. A mineral occurs naturally by nature, so like gold, silver also occurs naturally. Silver would be considered a mineral

What two kinds of luminescence can minerals produce?

The two main types of mineral luminescence are photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence. The excitation sources are ultraviolet radiation and electrons, respectively. Other t

What is the narrowest area of Mexico known as?

It's known as the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific Ocean. If you mean, however, what is the thin but long peninsula that stretches a

What are the minerals found in Mexico?

Mexico is ranked in the top 5 producers of silver (13% of world  production), bismuth (20% of the world's total), celestite (7% of  world output) and fluorspar (18% of world

How should the goods and services be produced in Mexico?

Most should adhere to international quality standards. Many do, especially products and services for export with qualifications such as ISO, Six-Sigma and CMMi. These include

How are metals produced from minerals?

First the metal's ore is crushed. Then the crushed ore is mixed  with coke, a , mineral, after they are mixed together, they are  heated from a distance, from the fire, the