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What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral Palsy, also known as CP, is a term used to identifychildren who are born with physical disabilities, many times due tolack of oxygen at birth, for some reason. Most p (MORE)

How do you get Cerebral Palsy?

yo can cerebral plasy (cp) when i baby has a brain inurgy eaither befor the baby is born while the bab6y is born or soon after a baby is born its is also caused by lack of oxy (MORE)

How many types of Cerebral Palsy are there?

Three main types Spastic (most common)DyskineticAtaxic (least common) CP can also be a combination of more than one type, each have there own unique characteristics. CP can a (MORE)
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Do only babies get cerebral palsy?

Yes it is congenital, meaning they are born with it and it either develops in before birth or during due to medical malpractice.
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What is the cause of cerebral palsy in babies?

The cause of cerebral palsy in babies is damage to the cerebrum. Some babies suffer oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery and doctors used to think that was the cause o (MORE)