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Which countries have children available for international adoption?

Answer . We are adopting from China. I have heard that Guatemala, Russia, India and Vietnam also adopt out internationally.. Answer . Many, many countries have children (MORE)

How many children are adopted in Florida?

The number of children that were adopted in Florida in 2013 was  279. In 2012, there were 400 adoptions, and in 2011, there were  398. The total number of children adopted i (MORE)

How many children did Josephine Baker adopt?

Josephine Baker adopted 12 children and they were called the rainbow children. Here are their names and where they were originally from: Aiko (Korea) Luis (Colombia) Janot (J (MORE)

How many children did Joan Crawford adopt?

She adopted a total of five children, but one of them was "reclaimed" by it's birth mother. Most people know that she adopted a boy, Christopher, and a girl, Christina since t (MORE)