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How many consecutive days can you work in MN before a day off is required?

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How many days am you allowed off work after lossing a parent?

  Answer     That's up to the company. They don't have to give you any days off or pay you even if they do give you days off. In my life I've been lucky enough

Are there any difficulties in working out on consecutive days?

  Intensive weight lifting on identical muscle groups day after day can cause some trouble. Modest cardiovascular exercise can (and indeed, should) be performed on a regul

What are consecutive days off?

Consecutive means one thing following another in a predetermined order. For people working five days a week, Saturday and Sunday are usually their days off. Since Sunday follo

How many days does the president get off work?

The last one got 365 days a year off Hopefully the new one can improve on that stat US labor laws do not apply to elected persons; theyb receive an ANNUAL pay regardless of da

How many days do you need to be off antibuse before you drink?

  anti-buse is for alcoholics to stop drinking not to find out when they can start up again, the answer is 30 days from your last pill, but i highly suggest that if the an

How many days should you take off work when you have the flu?

Time off varies on the prolonged severity of the illness. You should stay home as long as you are experiencing any symptoms. It has also been suggested you can still be contag

How many consecutive days can be worked in Michigan until a day off is required?

According to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, "If you are 18 years of age or older, the employer has the right to schedule however they feel they n