How many dimes make 1 oz of silver?

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Presuming that you are referring to US dimes issued between 1875 and 1964 (dimes older than 1875 had different weights and/or fineness), dimes weigh 2.50 grams and are 90% silver (the remaining 10% is copper). This means that the ASW (Actual Silver Weight) is 0.07234 troy ounces. Thus, it would require 14 dimes (this number is rounded up; the precise number is 13.8236 dimes) to have one troy ounce of silver.
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How many silver dollars make 1 oz of silver?

No true silver dollar (1794-1935) has a full ounce of silver. The Actual Silver Weight is .77344oz of pure silver. So less then two.

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How many mercury dimes make 1 oz of silver?

14 Mercury Head dimes = a little more than ounce of silver. Each dime has .07234oz of pure silver in them.

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