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How many miles is the US from Thailand?

  From Bangkok to San Francisco is about 17 hours flying time, or a bit over 10,000 miles. If you only want to go to Hawaii, you could get on US soil from Thailand about (MORE)

How many city's are there in Thailand?

Thailand is divided into 75 provinces which are gathered into 5 groups of provinces by location. There are also 2 special governed districts: the capital Bangkok (Krung Thep M (MORE)

How many official languages do Thailand have?

Official? One, central Thai. Actual, spoken by locals/natives? Around 74. The greatest number of people have "Isaan", a dialect of Lao, as their first language. Everyone who (MORE)

How many provinces does Thailand have?

Answer   Thailand is divided into 76 provinces (Thai: จังหวัด, changwat, singular and plural), which are grouped into 5 groups of provinces - sometimes the (MORE)