How many jews did Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin kill combined?

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joseph stalin killed over 123,000 people but he didnt kill any jews
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How did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews?

Many died in in gas chambers Millions of Jews were killed in many various ways, such as: . Stavation - In the ghettos. . Gas Vans - Used at Chelmno and elsewhere. . Mach

How many Jews did Joseph Stalin kill?

\nJoseph Stalin did not intentionally target Jews, but he did amass quite a large amount of killings. Stalin killed over 20 million people in his purges and five-year plans.

When did Adolf Hitler kill jew?

Hitler's plan for the Final solution for the Jewish people began in1942. He began having SS officers shooting, gassing and starvingJews in death camps.

Did Adolf Hitler kill jews?

YES! it is what we hated about him. He killed six million Jews. Healso killed many gypsies, gays, people with disabilities, andpossibly other races. BASICALLY anyone he hated

Did Joseph Stalin meet Adolf Hitler?

During WW2 Stalin had an allience during the start of the war. Stalin greatly admired Hitler before Hitler betrayed him. I don't know if they met personally.

How many black Jews did Adolf Hitler kill?

None. There were no Black Jewish communities in Europe for Hitlerto have killed. However, if Nazis had encountered Black Jews, theywould certainly have been deported and murde