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How many kilowatt-hours does a 500 watt microwave use in 1 hour?

A kilowatt hour is equal to the amount of electrical energy  consumed at a rate of one kilowatt. 1 kilowatt hour is the same as  1000 watt-hours.    So using that pri (MORE)

How many kilowatts per hour are used to run a 1500 watt electric fireplace?

1.5 kW "Kilo" means 1000, so a 1500 W appliance uses energy at the rate of 1500 W / 1000 = 1.5kW. By the way, you probably do not mean "kilowatts per hour." A watt (or a k (MORE)
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How many BTU per hour in a kilowatt?

1 kW is equal to 3412.3 BTU/hour. This is using the values of 1.055 kJ per BTU and 3600 kJ/kWh. Other sources confusingly list the exact conversion of 1 kWh as 3412.14163 BTU (MORE)
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What are kilowatt hours?

5 kilowatt of electricity used in 2 hours is 5 x 2 = 10 kilowatt-hours Scroll down to related links below.   Additional Answer A kilowatt hour (kW.h) is a unit of measu (MORE)

How many kilowatt hours does a tv use?

Check the power rating of the TV, and multiply by how many hours you used it for. Say if it uses 180W and you have it on for 4 hours, you will have used 180W * 4 = 720 watt-ho (MORE)

When operating a high efficiency nat gas forced air furnace and heat pump at what cost ratio or percent of gas therms to kilowatt hours does it make more sense to use the high efficiency furnace only?

There are 3413 btu per kWh and 100,000 btu per therm of natural gas, these are constants. In order to give a correct answer the exact efficiency rating of the high efficiency (MORE)

How many kilowatt hours will a motor use in 30 day if it runs constantly It is 460 volt and pulls 120 amps 3 phase?

In order to determine power from volts and amps, we need to know the power factor and efficiency, but the question did not provide that information, so I will make an educated (MORE)
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How many kilowatt hours per hour to run a small house?

Your question reminds me of the most important lesson my intro to engineering professor taught us. The answer to every question is, "well that depends." This one seriously dep (MORE)