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How many Sikhs in the United States?

There are 650,000 Sikhs in the United States, and more than 250,000 Sikhs are resided in California. About 100,00 Sikhs live in US.
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Who puts laws into effect in the United States?

(in the US) The Legislative Branch of any government is the one which proposes and draws up legislation which is the framework of the proposed law. The Governor (or President) (MORE)

How many presidents are in the United States?

There is only one President of the US at any given time . The current President is considered to be the 44th president, although only 43 different people have been President. (MORE)

How many hospitals are there in the United states?

There are an estimated 5,815 hospitals across the nation , according to the AHA. It breaks down to something like: 5,010 Community Hospitals; 447 Non Federal Psychiatric (MORE)

Who makes the federal laws in the United States?

Go back to American History 101--the Congress makes the laws. That means the House of Representatives and the Senate actually write the laws. The President can cnly sign them (MORE)

Who makes laws in the United States?

All three branches of government have the ability to make laws.   The Congressional branch can make laws through legislation.   A member of either the House or Senate m (MORE)