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What is the f figure on camera lenses?

f/numbers show the relationship between the diameter of the aperture and the focal length of the lens. Each is a reciprocal of d/fl, diameter over focal length, so f/8 means t (MORE)

How do camera lenses take pictures?

It's not just the lenses, of course. Lenses take light and focus it onto a surface that is sensitive to light, so that the surface can capture the image. It might be hard to i (MORE)

Why use lenses for cameras?

A lens is not absolutely necessary in order to have a camera. There are devices known as pinhole cameras that are able to expose photographic film without the use of a lens. I (MORE)
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What lenses are compatible with canon cameras?

There are too many lenses to list that are compatible with Canon cameras as it is one of the most popular cameras on the market. Give amazon a quick search as well as Google a (MORE)

What is a portable camera that has many lenses and other attachments?

Field Camera I am not entirely sure what you mean by portable, most cameras are to a certain extent portable. However if you are looking for a camera that you can use diffe (MORE)

What is the purpose of lenses on a camera?

The lenses on a camera focus the light entering the camera and provide a clear, sharp image at the location of the film or CCD device. If you took the lenses off a camera desi (MORE)