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What is the f figure on camera lenses?

f/numbers show the relationship between the diameter of the aperture and the focal length of the lens. Each is a reciprocal of d/fl, diameter over focal length, so f/8 means t (MORE)

How do camera lenses take pictures?

It's not just the lenses, of course. Lenses take light and focus it onto a surface that is sensitive to light, so that the surface can capture the image. It might be hard to i (MORE)

Why use lenses for cameras?

A lens is not absolutely necessary in order to have a camera. There are devices known as pinhole cameras that are able to expose photographic film without the use of a lens. I (MORE)

What is a portable camera that has many lenses and other attachments?

Field Camera I am not entirely sure what you mean by portable, most cameras are to a certain extent portable. However if you are looking for a camera that you can use diffe (MORE)

What is the purpose of lenses on a camera?

The lenses on a camera focus the light entering the camera and provide a clear, sharp image at the location of the film or CCD device. If you took the lenses off a camera desi (MORE)