How many liquid nightclubs are there in the world?

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How many liquids are there?

Answer . More than anybody can count! There are an infinite number of possible liquids in the universe! Water,Lava,Mud,Liquid Nitrogen,Sulfuric acid.

What is a nightclub?

A nightclub is an establishment for nighttime entertainment,typically serving drinks and offering music, dancing, etc.

Whhere is the biggest nightclub in the world?

The biggest nightclub in the world is called "Privilege" in San Rafael, in Ibiza. An island of the east coast of Spain. Ibiza is known as the clubbing capital of the world and

What is The smallest nightclub in the world?

The official Guinness book of records listed smallest nightclub in the world, as also listed on the web in the top 20 best clubs in the world, is of course: The Miniscule O
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What is world costliest liquid?

Perfume ($ 256,000) Mohammed Al Fayed, othe wner of Harrods in London, featuring bottles of what is considered the world's most expensive perfume. The price at about $ 256,000
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How many kinds of liquids are there in the world?

There are an almost infinite number of liquids in the world and certainly far more than anyone could count. Almost every liquid is at least partly made of water though.