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How many miles did Pike travel from St. Louis to Pikes Peaki?

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What is a pike fish?

  pikes are a family of aggressive freshwater predatory fish,with long torpedo shaped bodies and sharp teeth.they are basicly ambush hunters and much sought after gamefish

What is a pike stretch?

Sit in the floor with your legs straight in front of you and together with pointed toes. Lean your torso over with your arms straight out reaching for your angles.

Did Zebulon Pike climb Pikes Peak?

He tried but failed to reach the summit. He believed that it would never be climbed. Today you can drive to the top in your car and they have foot races every year. On New Yea

What does the pike eat?

  The pike eat alot of different creatures.   Any fish it can swallow,frogs,small birds,small mammals.I think pikes eat anything that moves and fit into its mouth.A pur

What eats pike?

Pike Often Get Eaten By Fish Raptors Such As Fishing Owls, Fishing Eagles And Ospreys. Larger Pike Might Also Eat Them. Cats Such As Servals Might Be Able To Catch Them. Large

Is a walleye pike really a pike?

No it is a phrase a lot of people misuse. Walleye pike are actually  members of the perch family, along with the closely related sauger,  and the yellow perch. Not related t

What can you do at pikes peak?

The very top of Pikes Peak has a visitor center. You can get to the top by either driving up there or going to the city of Manitou Springs to get on the Cog Railway. On Pikes

Who was Zebulon Pike?

Zebulon Pike was the US Army explorer for whom Pikes Peak in Colorado is named. Zebulon Montgomery Pike Jr. (January 5, 1779 - April 27, 1813) was an American soldier and exp
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How do you catch a pike?

Northern pike eat almost anything! In the spring they will be in pretty shallow and looking for slow moving baits, so get a sucker minnow, kill it, and cast in about 3-7 feet
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What is a pike jump?

A pike jump is where cheerleaders will jump off the ground and  their legs are out in front of them with straight legs and pointed  toed. Their heads face downward and their
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Does a pike have teeth?

Yes they do ! Pike are predatory fish - preying on anything in the  water that's smaller than they are. They have a considerable set of  large, pointed teeth.