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How many people got arrested for the freedom of speech march?

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Do the people of Russia have the freedom of speech?

Russia elects its leaders democratically and the current (2009) government is certainly a popular, legitimate government. However, at present it appears (from the outside) t

How many people got arrested from smoking marijuana?

Too many to mention, but I shall pull up some statistics. Number of Arrests (This information only encompasses the U.S.A.) In 2008, 847,864 people were arrested for a marijua

How many people were arrested for freedom of speech during World War 1?

The most famous was Eugene Debs, a socialist and a member of the IWW ("International Workers of the World", often said to mean "I Won't Work" because they liked to go on strik

What did the black people hope for when they got there freedom?

firstly the freedom of black slaves in the usa does NOT come under th category of the "black death". secondly it was abolished on February 24 1863, the black people of the tim