How many people was rescued by the ambulance?

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How many animals are rescued from abuse?

Well , there is MILLIONS and MILLIONS of animals rescued from abuse . It is estimated that 500 or more animals are rescued from abuse a week.

How many people were rescued from the water after the Titanic sunk?

There are alternate versions regarding people plucked from thewater, partially since many of them died on the lifeboats and atleast one died on Carpathia. Some of the following have beenclaimed: 13 people, including Rosa Abbott, were pulledfrom the water or 12 people plucked from the water, 3 di ( Full Answer )

How do you rescue people from an avalanche?

To rescue people from an avalanche, you will need a shovel and aprobe along with the location of the people. You can then dig thepeople out of the avalanche if possible. Sometimes helicopters withheat seeking radar are employed to find people lost in anavalanche.

Whats the capacity of people in an ambulance?

What's the circumstance? A really bad accident I worked once we had the driver, a noninjured passenger up front, a patient on the gurney, a patient on the benchseat, a patient in the captains chair, and 2 medics in the back. So that would be ... 7 people. Usually, though, it's just an EMT driver, pa ( Full Answer )

How many people were rescued?

2,200 passengers and crew set out on the Titanic, four days later the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank. 1500 people died and 700 survived.

Do ambulances transport dead people?

Sometimes, however in most circumstances the Casualty has died onroute to Hospital. This depends on whether the deceased was alive when they wereloaded into the ambulance. If a patient has been pronounced dead atthe scene, then the ambulance doesn't transport. In rural settingssome exceptions can be ( Full Answer )

Who rescued the people from the titanic?

When the Titanic sank one lifeboat came back under the command of Fith Officer Lowe to collect the passengers who had ended up in the sea. However, Lowe and his crew waited too long before going back and as such only picked up six of the passengers. After this ships such as the Carpathia took aboard ( Full Answer )

How many Vietnamese boat people were rescued at sea by the US Navy?

The most spectacular rescues where when South Vietnamese military airmen flew their families out to sea and tried to land on USN Aircraft Carriers. USN Aircraft Carrier Commanders actually dumped multi-million dollar aircraft INTO THE SEA in order to make room on their flight decks for the incoming ( Full Answer )

Why dont ambulances usually transport dead people?

\nThey don't transport dead people because they need the ambulances for people who are still living and have a chance to survive. If u transported someone who was already dead it could kill another person at the same time.

How many medics ride in an ambulance?

This depends on the type of ambulance and the area it is operating in. Ambulances are either basic life support (BLS) or advanced life support (ALS). BLS trucks have EMT-basics instead of paramedics. ALS trucks legally must have one paramedic on board, and either an emt-basic in a rural setting, or ( Full Answer )

How many people get killed in crashes die before the ambulance arrives?

alot . if a person is killed in a crash they are dead usually before anyone arrives . thoise that are not killed in the crash but die after someone else has arrived on the scene, die because of the crash not in the crash . as an emt and firefighter, we actually save more than we loose

How many people were rescued in lord of the flies?

Given that the reader is never informed exactly how many boys were on the island it is difficult to say how many survived to be rescued at the end of the book. It is easier to rule out those who definitely didn't survive until the end of the book. Simon and Piggy were both killed. The littlun with t ( Full Answer )

How does St. John's ambulance help people?

St John Ambulance provides First Aid care in the UK and Around the World. St John also helps youth with life saving skills, communication and leadership.

What are the people that are in an ambulance called?

Normally, the driver is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Paramedics are normally on board an ambulance. This is referred to as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit. A Basic Life Support (BLS) unit can consist of two EMT's and not have a paramedic on board. The person being treated in t ( Full Answer )

How were people rescued from the titanic?

Out of the 2,227 passengers, 705 of them survived. Most of the 705 were saved by the few lifeboats while some lucky passengers jumped into the cold waters and swam to overturned lifeboats or other floating objects until their rescue ship arrived

How many ambulances are sold each year?

Roughly in US around 5,000 I was service manager for the largest mfg. of ambulances in the world in the mid-90's. At that time Ford would mfg. 5,000 47-A ambulance chasis of which we would purchase 2,500. The balance 2,500 would be split among the 40 (at that time) other ambulance mfgs.

How many paramedics are in an ambulance?

Depends on the location of the company. Most of the bigger cities have one Paramedic and one Basic on each truck. Some of the smaller cities cant afford to hire Paramedics so they just have a pair of basics on each truck. Also, each state has their own rules, and some states let each county make ( Full Answer )

How many troops were rescued Dunkirk?

About 350,000 (mainly British but some French) troops were evacuated from the Dunkirk beaches. At the time, the government thought that they might be able to rescue about 10% of that number. I've just finished completing the editing of my Dad's war memoirs and he wrote about his Dunkirk experienc ( Full Answer )

How do rescue dogs help people?

A number of service dog programs use rescue dogs as their stock. Usually for hearing dogs or medical alert. Very few of the available rescue dogs have the temperament needed for service dog work. Rescue dogs usually come from shelters where they were unwanted pets. By getting a rescue dog you h ( Full Answer )

How many syllables are in the word ambulance?

3 AM-BU-LANCE, a method to help you is to clap at the same time that your saying the word. Then just count how many claps you made then that's how many syllables there is.

How do you rescue people in counter-strike?

You press your "use" button (standard "E") when you stand beside a hostage, they will follow you to the Counter-terorists spawningpoint in the beginning of the map.

Why do some people rescue dogs?

Because, they feel the need to help animals who are in need of a home. They are normally dog lovers!

How many patients have died in a ambulance ride?

It is hard to answer that question. Almost every 15 seconds somewhere in the US there is an ambulance going out to rescue someone from an emergency. A patient could clinically die (go into cardiac arrest) in the back of the ambulance, but they are not legally dead until they reach the emergency ro ( Full Answer )

How does Queen Esther rescue people?

Queen Esther went to the king and pleaded for mercy for the Jews, and she admitted she had deceived the king, so the king said the decree could not be changed. Then in a new one the Jews could defend themselves.

How many words can you make out of ambulance?

An , blue , lance , cam , bane , clue , can , am , ace , lane , lamb , ban , name , mane , clam , male , lame , bun , nub , numb , bum , lea , able ,

How many feet should you follow behind an ambulance?

Following an ambulance without its lights should be done like any other vehicle, a car length for every 10 mph. If the lights are on, 50 yards is a good distance to stay back. Emergency vehicles can and do make erratic lane changes and starts and stops.

How many people were rescued by Joop Westerweel?

Joop Westerweel along with Joachim Simon and others helped save between 200 and 300 Jewish lives by organizing escape routes and smuggling Jews through Belgium, France and on into neutral Switzerland and Spain.

How many other words can you make from the word ambulance?

3-letter words aal, aba, ace, ala, alb, ale, ama, amu, ana, ane, baa, bal, bam, ban, bel, ben, bum, bun, cab, cam, can, cub, cue, cum, eau, ecu, elm, emu, lab, lac, lam, lea, leu, lum, mac, mae, man, mel, men, mun, nab, nae, nam, neb, nub 4-letter words able, acme, acne, alae, alan, alba, ale ( Full Answer )

How many passengers did the carpathia rescue?

Figuring that 705 people were in the life boats, and another 6 were fished from the water after Titanic sank, we can say that they rescued somewhere around 711.

How many ways can the letters of the ambulance word be arranged?

this is a combination question. Assuming the letters cannot be used again and all letters make words of the same length you do the following: There are 9 letters so: it is 9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 = 362,800. Because it has 2 of the same letter (a), I think you should take away from this 8x7x6x5x4x3x2 ( Full Answer )

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )