How many police officers are in the USA Include all uniformed services with arrest Powers Secret Service Treasury Coast Guard Park Rangers State game agents Parole Officers etc?

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Can an INDIAN POLICE SERVICE OFFICER join national security guards?

yes it is possible , an IPS officer cannot join directly to other forces, first they need to do service for their own state then on the central government's order they may have to work BSF, NSG, RAW, CBI

Can you wear your meritorios service ribbon and combat action ribbon with your police officer uniform if the police chief authorizes it?

That's up to your chief, but I don't see why they'd allow it. Your military service and your civilian service are two different things. My department allows a service pin (such as a small army flag) but I seriously doubt that they'd let me wear anything that I've earned in the military. . As long as your chief as authorized it, you can. You earned the awards while in the service of the military. You can wear them any time you wish, as long as they are reflected on your DD214 and it doesn't conflict with other policies of your employer or organization.

Do police officers have to wear uniforms?

Not necessarily. Most law enforcement officers wear uniforms when working, but detectives, some administrators, and other plainclothes personnel work in street clothes.

How long after the president is out of office will he receive secret service coverage?

Life protection is no longer given to former presidents. Starting with President Bush, when leaves office in January, he will receive protection for ten years. The law was changed in 2008. . For the rest of his life....

Who makes more money a police officer or parole officer?

There is no true answer to your question because it all depends on what agency you work for. there are so much disparity in pay between cops in different size cities and county officer and state officer and it depends on all kinds of factors. it just depends on the agency. For example it just depends on the agency and your rank or pay level or whatever.

What is the salary of a Coast Guard officer?

If you go to the follow military website (set-up by the gov.), and put in the O3 grade, which is an officer's grade, you will see that the salary reaches well into the 80k region with only a few yrs. of experience.

Can prior service members of the military who become police officers wear military ribbonsmedals on their law enforcement uniforms?

not to our knowledge, the police and military service are to completely separate branches of government, ie. national defense and local police I have seen military ribbons worn on local police uniforms. that would be authorized by that police unit commander or head of that governing would be the exception rather then the rule......................

Who can arrest a state police officer?

A duly authorized Peace Officer (terminology varies) can arrest any person when legal grounds exist - even another cop.

Do i have to tell my parole officer that i was arrested for a misdemeanor?

You'd better. It would look better if you told him than if he finds it out while doing a routine records check on you.

What is the salary of a secret service uniformed officer?

Uniformed Division officers are generally hired at the LE-1 grade levels with a 2010 starting salary of $52,018.

Why is the secret service part of department of treasury?

Because its original function, and still a very important one, is preventing or detecting the counterfeiting of US money.

What are the duties of a secret service agent?

you have to play the missons and sometimes do some extra things during the missions and protect club penguin

What is the salary of an Indian Police Services Officer?

The IPS officers pay scales, according to the Sixth Central Pay Commission, is spelled out in the Related Link below.

Can a secret service agent be married?

Yes, of course they can. The two have NOTHING to do with one another. Naturally, he/she won't be able to tell their husband or wife about what they do on a day-to-day basis.

What do secret service agents wear?

they wear black dress slacks and white button down shirts or at least the ones i met last night after a fundraiser former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. did here in town.

Can secret service agents have tattoos?

I dont think you can but im not 100% sure. You may not be able to have one because u dont want to have anything that can identify your body. Birth marks if bad enough can keep you from being in the secret service.

Officers Service Rules of State Bank of India?

Somebody who has worked at clerical level and resigned from job from State Bank of India, will not be given opportunity to work as Probationary Officer even he clears the tests?

How many secret service agents protect the president?

299 at all times even when he is using the toilet in case of a "dirty turd bomb"

How many stripes for years of service does a police uniform have?

Type your answer here... One hash mark for every three years, one star of every six years

Does the secret service live in the office?

No, like everyone else the officers of the Secret Service live at their homes or apartments. While on duty they live with the person they are guarding, wherever that person may be (home, traveling, hotel, etc.).

Can a Military Police officer become a police officer after service?

Of course an MP can become a civilian police officer after military service. He or she applies just as one without any police experience would apply. He or she will go through the police academy as a recruit the same way as those without experience.. They will find the training easier than a raw recruit but the training is substantianaly different than the military since it addresses civilian procedures and laws.

Do police officers have to buy their uniform?

no. well they have to buy their boots but they get that money back off the goverment.

How many secret service agents work overseas?

they have a minumum of amount but probably as many as you think there would be. ps im am at school right now =]

Can Parole officers arrest a person not on Parole?

If the PO is a sworn law enforcement officer in their state, yes, they have the same arrest powers.

Can a parole officer lock you up if you disobey a order that's not even written on your parole terms such not going to go community service?

Yes, a PO can return you to incarceration for disobeying his directives. The PO has full direct supervision of the parolee. As such the parolee is required to do what he is told, when he is told, how he is told--much like while the parolee was a prison inmate. Legally, there is no difference between actual incarceration and parole. Parole is just a change of venue.

Does prior military service benefit police officers?

If you're a Cpl in the Marine Corps, and you get out to become a police officer will you keep your rank. It depends entirely on the police unit that you are joining. If you were in a military police unit it helps as well.

How many secret service agents per retired president?

Usually 56 per retired president. But due to the incresed threat Pres. Bush has 103 at all the time.

What is arrest power of police includes?

Arrest powers are by the individual states, and generally include the power to arrest and deliver based on lawful information or probable cause.

Are the Secret Service and Coast Guard under the Defense Department?

I know the Secret Service is under the department of homeland security, and I am pretty sure the CG is there also

How long can you be a secret service agent?

Secret Service is like any other government job in its career length. You can stay in for 20 years or 30 years or more. But you will be forced to retire when you hit a certain age. Which is usually around 65.

What is the pay for a us secret service uniformed police officer?

Uniformed Division officers are generally hired at the LE-1 grade levels with a starting 2009 starting salary of $50,787. Fopr further information see the below link:

How do secret service agents dress?

they dress appropriately for whatever situation they will be in. For example they dress in suits at formal events but may be dressed in more casual clothes at casual events, such as when the president goes on vacation.

Where is the correct placement of the services stripes on the coast guard uniform?

2 inches from the cuff at a 45 degree angle centered on the bottom of the left arm under your rank.

Are parole officers required to wear uniforms?

Typically, no. Parole officers are not law enforcement officers and do not have any of the same powers. While they have responsibility for the offenders on their case load, they cannot themselves return them to prison or incarceration. Additionally, they are required as part of their job to move about in public. many do not want to attract undue attention, or to make their presence known to would be parole violators, so uniforms would be a disadvantage.

Can a police officer arrest you?

a police officer can arrest you for cause, meaning that no one can be arrested on a whim. Lack of cooperation or civility though can be valid reasons for arrest.

What states does correction officer have the same powers as police officers?

Some states give corrections officers the same peace officer powers as police officers, and others don't. In some places, corrections officers have peace officer powers only when they are on duty at the jail or prison. Off duty, they are private citizens with no special police powers. ADDED: Also, in many locations, prisons and jails are operated under contract by private corporations who hire their own employees to man these facilities. By-and-large THESE individuals have no police powers whatsoever.

How is the life of a secret service agent?

Boring for me- though you do get introduced to a list of 'missions' which are like episodes of a spy/detective game. And the secret base looks better than any other place on club penguin.

What are requirements to be a secret service agent?

Logically speaking you must have a clean criminal check, score high in security techniques, be well established, preferred military status, an American citizen of the United States or territories, good physical health, maintain high moral standards of living while employed and thereafter.

Does the vice president get secret service after office?

Yes for six months after leaving office and the President would get 10 years clinton is the last to get prtection for life.

What is the earnings of a secret service agent?

The salary is this $43,964 - $74,891 but it can depend on how much experience the person has.

What does a secret service agent earn?

$250,000 a year, plus full benefits due to the fact that they basically risk their lives every day.

Can a corrections officer arrest someone outside of prison like a normal police officer or constable or FBI agent?

Yes. technically, because they're a sworn in peace officer. it depends on state laws. in Nevada, you can arrest out side of prison like a normal cop. i know this because i live in Nevada and am a corrections officer.

Does the secret service have uniformed officers?

Yes they do. They have whit shirts and uniform pants with a stripe down the leg

Are language services offered at all government offices?

Yes, all government offices offer language services. Since Canada has two official languages, english and french, government offices are required to offer both of these at all of their offices.

How many officers are on the Indiana State Police?

Interestingly enough the only source readily located cites a 2009 figure which sets the sworn manpower (as of that year) as 1,292 officers.

Can Secret Service arrest people?

Yes. Agents working for secret service organisations such as the United State's CIA and the United Kingdoms MI6 have the legal power to arrest anybody on their home soil and potential threats (ie terrorists) overseas for the defence of their country.

How many secret service agents does Obama have?

The number of secret service agents a president has is generally not made public, to assure his safety. If people knew how many secret service agents the president had, it would make a potential threat to him much easier to carry out. That is also why the secret service rarely explains their plans for protecting the president at a public event: we know there will be a security detail, but how large and where they are stationed is not for public knowledge.

How many police officers are in the metropolitan police service?

There are 32,380 full-time officers in the Metropolitan Police. There are also an extra 4,459 special constables who work part-time. That is a total of 36,836 officers.

How long will Barack Obama get secret service after office?

Mr. Obama, and also former President George W. Bush, now have secret service protection for life. The bill to guarantee this protection easily passed congress and Mr. Obama signed it into law in January 2013. Previously, former presidents only received ten years of protection, but in a more dangerous world, congress decided it was important to guarantee the safety of former presidents, many of whom (like George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton) continue to represent the United States by doing charitable work all over the world.

How Many Secret Service Agents For A First Daughter?

The number varies, depending on where the First Daughter is: if she is at school, for example, she might need fewer agents than she would if she were going to a large outdoor concert. We are not allowed to know the exact number, for security reasons; but there is no evidence that the Obama children receive protection that is any different from what other presidential children received.