How many pounds does a crocodile weigh?

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Around 2000 pounds.
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How many pounds does a gallon weigh?

That depends on the type material you are referring to. Also, theseare two different types of measurements. Gallons is a measure ofvolume but the other is weight or mass. Please edit your questionto include more context or details.

How many pounds does a horse weigh?

There are many different sizes of horses and ponies.. The general weight for a standard sized, mature horse is normally around 1000 to 1100 pounds.

How many pounds does a snake weigh?

Answer: 60 POUNDS Answer: That depends entirely upon the snake. Some snakes are about 6 inches long and not much wider than a worm! Others reach nigh on 30 feet in length. These latter can be well over 200 pounds. Many snakes are probably not quite the length of a man, however, are much, much thinner and, of course, without appendages: such snakes can weigh anywhere between 12 and 50 pounds.

How many pounds do you have to weigh to be fat?

it depends on your muscle mass and height bodybuilders might be 5'8 and 260 lbs and not have an ounce of fat on there bodies yeah, that's right. it all depends on your body build. my recommendation is to go to a bmi website to figure that out... but like whats been said, it all depends on you.

How many pounds can a human weigh?

It depends on what the person eats but the heaviest person ever recorded (Jon Brower Minnoch from the U.S.) weighed 635 kg (1,400 lb; 100.0 st).

How many pounds does a ballerina weigh?

Typically ballerinas are very light, as they must do complicated dancing and must fit in elaborate costumes. The average weight for an adult ballerina is around 120 pounds but different ballerinas' weights can vary as they can play different parts in ballet. The average weight for a young ballerina is around 80 pounds. However fat ballerinas are commonly not accepted into schools like Ballet South, so to be a ballerina you have to be very thin and quick, although it is possible for medium-weight girls to be talented ballerinas. For more info go to related links.It also includes info about Ballet South, a respected school for education and ballet.