How many pounds of feces are in the human body?

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Answer The average person can have between 4-25 pounds of "built-up" intestinal matter in their colon- factors effecting this number are your metabolism, diet, genetics and rate of bowel movements. The general term for feces stuck in the human body is mucoid crap. A doctor can remove some of this build-up with a colon cleansing.

Is eating human feces deadly?

it is not ok because their is bacteria tghat could kill you    That would most likely make you very sick and is not a very  hygienic idea. Please do not eat human feces.

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How many pounds can a human weigh?

It depends on what the person eats but the heaviest person ever recorded (Jon Brower Minnoch from the U.S.) weighed 635 kg (1,400 lb; 100.0 st).

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