How many secret service are at the white house?

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How many rooms are there in the White House?

There are 132 rooms in the White House. ____ 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases,and 3 elevators. 25 bedrooms; 3 kitchens; 3 dining rooms; 1 library; 1 bowlingalley; 1 movie theater; 69 closets There is a room for arranging flowers, an upholstery shop, pressroom, con (MORE)

What does the Secret Service do?

The United States Secret Service ( USSS ) is a federal lawenforcement agency under the U.S. Department ofHomeland Security . Until 2003, the Service was part of the U.S. Departmentof the Treasury . . The U.S. Secret Service has two distinct areas ofresponsibility: . Financial Crimes, covering (MORE)

How many Fireplaces are in the White House?

White House Facts : There are 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, and 6 levels to accommodate all the people who live in, work in, and visit the White House. There are also 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces , 7 staircases, and 3 elevators.

How many elevators are in the White House?

The White House includes: 3 elevators, six stories and 55,000 ft² (5,100 m²) of floor space, 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, twenty-eight fireplaces, eight staircases, five full-time chefs, a tennis court, a (single-lane) bowling alley, a movie theater, a jogging track, a s (MORE)

How many White House staffers are there?

This URL:, lists about 180 staffers from 2004; but does not include household or military staffers.

How many visitors does the White House get daily?

In the 1980's and 1990's, 6,000 visitors a day visited the WhiteHouse. After the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001, visitorsmust request admission through their representatives six months inadvance and submit to background checks. 6000

How many restroom's does the White House has?

The White House has 35 bathrooms.. The White House includes: six stories and 55,000 ft² (5,100 m²) of floor space, 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, twenty-eight fireplaces, eight staircases, three elevators, five full-time chefs, a tennis court, a (single-lane) bowling alle (MORE)

How many kitchens does the White House have?

According to the White House Historical Association: "The White House has 132 rooms, including 16 family-guest rooms, 1 main kitchen, 1 diet kitchen, 1 family kitchen, and 35 bathrooms." Guess that means three (3) kitchens.

Are there secret rooms in the White House?

There are six levels with 132 rooms in the White House. There areno secret rooms. There are 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28fireplaces, 8 staircases, and 3 elevators.

Are there any secret passageways in the White House?

Yes, many of the presidents wanted to have secret passageways and hidden codes within codes. Most the ideas came from Queen Victoria, even though most people thought that the US would stop associating with her country because of the past dictatorship; In reality, she was helping the presidents with (MORE)

How many White House maids are there?

The number of employees on staff at the White House varies greatlyfrom year to year. On averages there are about 40 employeesresponsible for the cleanliness of the Executive Mansion.

How do you get in the secret service?

The U.S. Secret Service hiring requirements are listed on USAJOBS. Generally one needs a bachelors degree. Experience in security work is generally not required as well as police experience. You DO NOT need someone with "influence" or "pull", that is ridiculous. NO ONE gets "recommended" for a " (MORE)

Where does the secret service live in the White House?

The secret service does not live in the White House. Actually it would be more appropriate to say that secret service agents do not live in the White House. The US Secret Service is tasked with Presidential security and there are numerous agents on duty at all times, at the white house and wherev (MORE)

Why is the Secret Service secret?

So they could protect the president. They are supposed to keep the code names of the president and his family secret. This way, possible assassins are not given additional information.

How many cabinets does the White House have?

well in the white house there are 70 different cabinets some are oak some are timber some are birch but most are sycamore. and you may be wondering how do i know this well i happen to be personel friends with the president and one day we were sloaching around and decided to count the cabinets in the (MORE)

How many years has the White House stand?

The question should read: How many years has the White House stood? And the answer is 1792 by Irish architect James Hoban. the white house wasnt always white. it was gray. but after there was a fire at the gray white house, it was black. but god forbid we have a black white house, so they painted/pl (MORE)

How many White Houses have existed?

One. The White House was first called the President's House, but in the War of 1812 the British set fire to it. It didn't burn down, but sections were burned ( today some of the damage can still be seen when the paint is removed) and when it was repaired it was painted white. In the 1700's to have a (MORE)

How can you get into the secrete service?

Applicants should have either a four-year college degree or a combination of education and criminal investigative experience, be in good physical condition, and have a record that is clear of criminal behavior. Lots of people apply to become Secret Service agents, so the process is very competitive. (MORE)

How many communists in Obama white house?

None. It should be noted that the Republican congressman (Allen West from Florida) who made that assertion had no proof and was simply expressing a very inflammatory opinion about people in congress with whom he disagrees. Too many politicians have a sad history of making demonstrably false statemen (MORE)

How many secret service agents does Obama have?

The number of secret service agents a president has is generally not made public, to assure his safety. If people knew how many secret service agents the president had, it would make a potential threat to him much easier to carry out. That is also why the secret service rarely explains their plans f (MORE)