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How many calories in ham salad?

The calories in ham salad depend on what ingredients (in total) are included in the ham salad and the quantities of those ingredients. For the calorie content of salad vegetab (MORE)

How many managers have West Ham had?

Up to 2016, they have had 15 full time managers and 3 caretaker managers, with one of those doing that role on two separate occasions.
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How many station of ham radio?

    A long time ago, I saw the figure of 460,000 licensed amateur operators worldwide. But trust me, that was really a long time ago. Check out the website of the Amer (MORE)

How many calories are in a smoked ham?

It depends on the type of smoked ham, the amount of lean ham and the amount of ham fat. For example there are: . approx 34 calories in a 1 oz or 28g average slice of honey s (MORE)

How many west ham supporters?

As many as you can fit into a caravan at Canvey Island. Only 25,000 at the Boleyn Ground for home games. The rest are tarmacing drives.
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