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How many times has justin bieber been on the ellen show?

From what I've gathered Justin Bieber has been on The Ellen  Degeneres Show 22 times as of November,16th,2015 .   The dates are listed below:   11.03.09, 05.17.10, 11 (MORE)

How many times has justin bieber gone platinum?

My World:   2x platinum Canda   1x Platinum in USA   2x Platinum in UK   Gold in Japan   1x Platinum Austria   1x Platinum Germany     My Wor (MORE)

How do you say Justin Bieber in Spanish?

Since Js in Spanish sound like an H, Justin Bieber's named would be pronounced (hustin bieber). However, when you write his name, it will remain the same as it is in English.
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How many records does Justin Bieber have?

Justin Bieber (b. 01 March 1994) is a Canadian pop singer, actor  and songwriter. He has sold over 15 million albums.   Some numbers for Bieber:    Tours: 2 -- My W (MORE)