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How many turkeys were raised on the largest turkey farm in England at one time?

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How many time zones are in Turkey?

There is only one time zone in Turkey and it is Eastern European Time(UTC+2). The whole country alternates between Eastern European Time (UTC+2) and Eastern European Summer

How do you raise turkeys?

  Pretty much similar to chickens, only feed them gamebird food, not chicken feed. they need a higher protein to keep from having leg problems.   They need more room in

Is a farm-raised turkey different then a wild turkey?

  Yes.   Most farmed turkeys that would show up on your table are Broad Breasted Whites. They are bred to be big and have a large breast. They are so big, they have to

Is Turkey in England?

No, it is not. Turkey is an independent country located in the southeastern part of Europe. It takes about four hours to fly between the capital cities of these two countries.