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How many Australian 1930 Pennies are there?

An Australian 1930 Penny is the rarest coin that has ever been released into general circulation in Australian history. Only 3,000 were minted and of those, 1,500 still exist (MORE)

Why are there so many different types of 1982 pennies and how do you tell them apart?

  Answer   Between changing the composition of the US one-cent coin (often referred to as a "penny," even though the word has never appeared on the US coin) and exper (MORE)

How many pennies in one kilometer?

The current British decimal one penny  (1p) coin, usually simply known as a  penny has a diameter of 20.3 mm.   One Kilometer = 1,000,000 millimetres.   (1,000,000/2 (MORE)

How many pennies were made in 2009?

Birthplace Cent - Denver: 350,400,000 Philadelphia : 284,400,000 Total: 634,800,000 Formative Years Cent - 363,600,000 Philadelphia : 376,000,000 Total: 739,600,000 Profes (MORE)

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