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Why are there so many different types of 1982 pennies and how do you tell them apart?

  Answer   Between changing the composition of the US one-cent coin (often referred to as a "penny," even though the word has never appeared on the US coin) and exper (MORE)

A penny farthing was an early type of what?

The penny farthing was a bicycle with the front wheel being very large and the rear wheel being very small in comparison it was like a penny(big wheel) and a farthing(little w (MORE)

Which type of soda can clean a penny?

A coke will clean a real penny. We had this one in HS chemistry all those decades ago. It will dissolve the penny. I don't know about the current cokes or the current penny. I (MORE)
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How many pennies are in 16 onces of pennies?

16 ounces (or 1 pound) of pennies would be a total of about 181  pennies.
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How many pennies are in 9 pounds of pennies?

It depends on whether you're referring to "pound" as weight or currency, which country you're referring to, and what date the pennies are.   British penniesIf you mean ho (MORE)