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How much chicken casserole for 15 people?

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How much chicken to feed 15 people?

  Depending on if the chicken is a main course or part of a casserole. If a main course you figure 4 oz of boneless meat per guest. If part of a casserole 2 to 3 oz sh

How much fried chicken do you need for 15 people?

Assuming you have adequate side dishes as well, figure 1/4 of a chicken per person for fried chicken. If you are having fewer sides -- figure 1/2 chicken per person. This alwa

How many calories in a chicken casserole?

Calories in a chicken casserole   The total ingredients used and the quantities of those ingredients determine the calorie content of a chicken casserole. Please feel fre

What is a good recipe for chicken noodle casserole?

A good recipe for chicken noodle casserole can be found on the AllRecipes online site. It is simple to make and has the following ingredients: 4 skinless, boneless chicken b
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What ingredients are needed to make chicken casserole?

A chicken casserole is very versatile. There are many directions to go with a chicken casserole recipe to make it "your own." To make a creamy chicken noodle casserole, you wo

What is a good recipe for Chicken Broccoli Casserole?

One recommended chicken broccoli casserole includes adding cream of mushroom soup and cheddar cheese. Boil the chicken until tend, chop it up, and steam the broccoli until ten