What are the lyrics to Monday Night Football?

Welcome to the party, all my rowdy friends, A Monday Night Bash on ESPN! The game of the week, is about to ignite Time to kick it off under the lights The pressure is (MORE)

Who owned Monday night football?

Technically, the NFL owns the rights to every NFL game. It sells rights to broadcast those games to the highest bidder. Pete Rozelle basically blackmailed ABC into signing a (MORE)
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When does Monday Night Football begin in 2013?

The Monday Night Football schedule is set in April, and as such is not available at this time. The football season typically starts in late August, though, so one can expect M (MORE)
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What is the Monday Night Football schedule for 2013?

The Monday Night Football schedule opens with the Eagles vs. Redskins and the Texans vs. the Chargers, week 2: Steelers vs. Bengals, week 3: Raiders vs. Broncos, week 4: Dolph (MORE)