How much does a gallon of tap water in Texas cost?

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How much does a gallon of water weigh?

1 gallon of regular water weighs about 8 1/3 pounds (8.345 pounds) This is about 3.785 kilograms. 1 US gallon= 3.785 l Density of water= 1 kg/l density= mass/volume 1 kg/l = m/ 3.785 l m = 3.785 kg Weight= mg= 3.785 kg*9.81 m/s 2 =37.1 kg*m/s 2 =37.1 N = 8.34 pounds *For the U (MORE)

How much does 20000 gallons of water cost?

Cost of Water . In the South of England we are charged 80p for 1 cubic metre of water. This is 80p for 1000 litres.. 20000 gallons is about 90000 litres -> so will cost 90 x 80p 7200p=£72. So about £70.

How much does one gallon of water cost?

It depends on where you get the water. If you have a well, the water is free. If you live in an apartment, you don't pay for the water. Correction: water is payed anywhere ! The average cost for water for home use is $2 per 1000 gallons. That breaks down to 2 cents for 10 gallons. If you buy water (MORE)

How much does a gallon of milk cost?

The price of milk varies depending on where you are shopping. The average price for a gallon of milk in the US in October of 2013was $3.462 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.According to AC Neilsen Scantrack Reports, the average price of agallon of milk in the US in October of 2013 wa (MORE)

How much does a gallon of gas cost?

The cost of gasoline, or any other fuel, varies widely throughout the world. It is controlled by those countries that produce it, those companies that refine and sell it and taxes added by various governments. In some countries the tax is actually greater than the cost of production.

How much does tap water cost per gallon in California?

in 2005 1 acre foot of water cost about $900 which would probably mean it costs closer to $1000 in 2009. 1 acre foot = 325 851.429 US gallons . so $1000/325 851.429 = $ per gallon of water. . which comes to a very small amount.. like less than 0.0031 c per Gallon. :)

How much does tap water cost per gallon in Arizona?

It depends on how many gallons of tap water your household uses each month. In Tucson 1 CCF = 748 gallons. You can pay $1.23, $4.52, $6.41, or $8.94 per CCF depending on how much water you used that month. So that would be $0.0016, $0.0060, $0.0086, or $0.0120 per gallon. Each case (except the last (MORE)

How much does it cost to fill a 13000 gallon pool with water?

This could all depend on where you live because it varies on your water company. I filled a 15000 gal pool and we only saw a 30 dollar increase in the water bill for that month. But the best way to find out is to call your local water supply company.

How much does it cost to homeschool in Texas?

It can cost as little as nothing and as much as you want to pay. It's your choice as there are no requirements regarding cost. Compulsory Attendance Ages: "a child who is at least six years of age, or who is younger than six years of age and has previously been enrolled in first grade, and who h (MORE)

How much does tap water cost per gallon New York?

Water in NYC is measured in HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet) or about 748gallons and includes sewer charges. Too many variables are involved in the measurement and rates used.A rough estimate would be $8.65 per HCF, or just over a penny pergallon.

How much does it cost to heat a gallon of water?

That's going to depend on so many things that you haven't specified, like -- the initial temperature of the water -- the temperature to which it's heated -- the method of heating -- the fuel used to do the heating -- the cost of the fuel that day -- the efficiency of the method -- the (MORE)

How much tap water cost per gallon?

I just paid my water bill in central NJ and it`s about 1.9 cents per gallon here. This depends on what state and county and city you live in. Plus, whether or not you are talking about residential or commercial sector. For 100 cubic feet the price is 3.46 in parts of California. There are 748 gallo (MORE)

How much tap water cost per gallon in Alberta?

how much ever your willing to pay! duh! I live in a small town in the Peace country of northern Alberta. The cost here is one cent per gallon or $2.20 per cubic meter. The first 2000 gallons per month are included in the basic service fee of $25. One cent a flush!

How much did a gallon of gas cost?

well it depends on where you go because now days gas can go from $1 to $5 it just depends on wat gas station you go to at what day or month even week You will NOT find $1 gas or anywhere NEAR that cheap these days.. Obama is taking everything and raising gas prices. (Now dont get all mad and say n (MORE)

How much does tap water weigh?

The weight of tap water varies depending on how much liquid iscontained a specific vessel. A cup of water weighs approximately8.3 ounces.

How much does 5000 gallons of water cost?

filled our 5000 gallon pool and it was $225.... OUCH! had to hire someone to come fill it, we have well water and it can't handle that volume in a short amount of time.

How much would 2270 gallons of water cost?

The average price of water is $1.50/1000 gallons. ( (2270/1000) * $1.50 = $3.41 for 2270 gallons

How much does oil a gallon cost?

100$ haha jk i really dont no sorry! There are 42 gallons of crude in a barrel and a barrel runs about $80, so a gallon of crude cost about $2, but there are a lot of things in that barrel besides gasoline.

How much texas cost THE uS?

NOTHING... the territory was won in the Mexican American war ... the state later succeeded from the union ... and later re joined ...

How much does water cost in Philadelphia per gallon?

Water is not charged by the gallon it is measured by the cubic foot which is 7.48 gallons UNLESS your buying bottled water which is not only a proven health hazard in most cases it is a total waste of money.

How much do tap shoes cost?

Childrens' tap shoes usually cost around £20 brand new, however you can get some for around £12 brand new. Adult tap shoes normally cost around £25-£30 brand new. Second hand tap shoes normally only cost around £7 but as tap shoes wear away easily they aren't as good as new tap shoes. (MORE)

How much does a ten gallon salt water fish tank cost?

If you only want the tank, it is $10-$20. However, if you want a set that comes with a tank, filter, heater, and roof/light, which are essential things, it is $60-$90. A good brand that is not expensive is TopFin, Petsmart's customary fish brand. Remember though, you can only purchase this at Petsma (MORE)