How much do pediatricians make an hour?

Depending on how many year's experience the salary ranges from $50 to $90 an hour. This is sourced from There are also differences due to regional cost of living (MORE)

Does it snow much in Atlanta Georgia?

Yes, occasionally it snows in Atlanta. The snow is usually not heavy and does not last long. . It doesn't usually snow there, but once in 1976 it snowed for non-stop for (MORE)

How much does a pediatrician make in Dubai?

um almost 10,000 AED a month or mabe 5,000 AED I'm from Dubai i also wanted to be a pediatrician but I'm taking doctor which gives twice than a pediatrician sis/bro take your (MORE)

How much does an atlanta Georgia police officer make 2012?

This is off the Atlanta Police Department recruitment website. . STARTING SALARY. TOP SALARY. POLICE RECRUIT (DURING INITIAL ASSIGNMENT AND ACADEMY TRAINING). $34,726.36 (MORE)