How Much Are your Beatles Records Worth?

My Beatles records are priceless. If yours are in great condition and complete with all pictures, books and other bits and pieces, you may interest a collector.. Answer . (MORE)
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How much is the Beatles' double album worth 1962-1966?

I can only give the original UK pressing in black vinyl in mint condition aprox' £10.00 the coloured vinyl a bit more. It all depends on who wants to buy it. The way to fin (MORE)

How much is a Beatles record worth?

Like all records, the value would depend on the record's condition, how popular (and more importantly, how collectible) the artist is, and whether the record is rare (some rec (MORE)

Did the beatles record any live albums?

Yes, "Live at the BBC" is the most famous one, but also "The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl" was released officially, and there are two unofficial (but still sold commercially) (MORE)