How much is the iPhone 4S in Israel?

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How much does an iPhone 4S cost?

Usually around 4 to 5 hundred dollars (not including monthly payment for Internet or games). contract prices $199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB

How much money is an iPhone 4S?

Well, the upgrade prices for a new 2-year contract across all major carriers SHOULD be: 16GB - $199 32GB - $299 64GB - $399 If your carrier is charging more, switch carriers

How much is an iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S is $649.00 plus tax a lot it depends on what contract your on if you whant to get it straight without a contract it is about £400 or more. With a two year

How much is the iPhone 4S 16GB?

$199 for a 16GB with upgrade, $299 32GB with upgrade, $399 64GB with upgrade but if you are planning to buy it without a contract it will end up costing around 650 like at ins

How much does the iPhone 4S cost?

$199 2-Year Contract, $649 month to month. The cost a month is $30 or more. The minimum is 30. about £400 An iPhone 4S today costs around $200 for a 16gb unless you sign u

How much is an iPhone 4S at Brighthouse?

This company occasionally only stocks Apple high end consumer products, so there are no current prices available. However, this would be one of the most expensive ways to purc