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How much money did Bruce Jenner the olympian make?

  After the Olympics Jenner was the most popular athlete in the United States. Capitalizing on his fame, as well as his good looks, he made more money from winning a singl (MORE)

Is Brody Jenner single?

No, Brody Jenner is not single. He is currently in a relationship with singer Avril Lavigne. The couple have been dating since March 2010.
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How does brody Jenner have money?

one word "Family" His Dad is Bruce Jenner ... who won several gold medals in the Olympics back in the 80s ... he was on the wheaties box and everything ... his pops probably (MORE)

How did Bruce Jenner make his money?

He got all of his money for being part of T.V. shows and he was a  famous actor so he got payed a really good amount of money.
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