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How much percent of people graduated in high school in 1917?

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What age do you have to graduate high school by?

It depends. Some people finished high school early and some don't. You get people who skip a whole year because they are too smart. If you do A levels, you should graduate whe

What percent of high school graduates attend college?

  the percentage is..   Only 70% of all students in public high schools graduate, and only 32% of all students leave high school qualified to attend four-year college

What percent of African Americans who graduate high school graduate college?

You can retrieve this information by going to the U.S. Census Bureau website. The below link will take you to the detailed tables for current population. These tables are list

How much money to give a high school graduate?

at least $1500 you if u want them to be able to get a car don't you. 50-100 is a good amount anything more would be very generous. It may be wise to consult with the grads par
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What percent of high school graduates join the army?

Currently only 0.3% of those fit for military service (Estimated at around 120,000,000 people) in the United States are in the Army (approx 550,000. Since the Army requires