My bowel movement is black should it be?

Answer . NO!!!! . this may indicate internal bleeding in the gut, digested blood looks like coffee ground in the stool. go see a doctor immidietly! this may be nothing bu (MORE)

How often should a dog have a bowel movement?

Answer . It will vary depending on how often you feed, dog's age, etc. In my home, we have adult dogs and pups. The adults generally make 2 or so bowel movements, and the (MORE)

Should you have a daily bowel movement?

According to the nurse my friend had in the hospital, you should have at least one bowel movement every day, even if you have been too ill to eat for several days, so you shou (MORE)

How often should you have a bowel movement each day?

Bowel health and regularity is different for each person. How often one has a bowel movement is affected by many things such as diet, presence of illness, medications and acti (MORE)

If you have a bowel movement and your anus bleeds what should you do?

Bowel movements and straining can often cause slight bleeding.First, wipe as usual. Second, get a dark colored wash cloth and runwarm water on it, and pat or lay it against yo (MORE)
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How often should one have a bowel movement?

Bowel movement frequency varies from person to person, and changes throughout their lifecycle. Typically, a healthy human's range should be anything between three times a day (MORE)