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How much are 1951 quarters worth?

  Answer     I assume you mean the date 1951 and not 1,951 quarters, LOL!     Anyway, in circulated condition, most are worth about $3 for their silver co (MORE)

How much is The Landing of Cadillac at Detroit 1701 1951 stamp worth?

Scott # US 1000 You can purchase it in mint condition for 40 cents and used for 15. Which means a dealer isn't going to be particularly interested in buying one from you.
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How much did it cost to ride the New York City subway in 1951?

In 1951, it cost just 10 cents to ride the New York City subway. At the time, tokens had not been introduced yet. Instead, you bought a ticket, and a ticket chopper manned b (MORE)

How much would a gallon of gas have cost in 1951?

The US average in 1951 was  27 cents per gallon. That would be about  $2.44 per gallon in today's dollars (2014).
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How much did a telephone cost in 1951?

Each country is different. Certainly here in the UK you couldn't actually buy a telephone in 1951. All equipment was rented from the telephone company. It was the same in the (MORE)

How much money a 1951 penny?

The 1951 Lincoln Cent is valued from a few cents to over $8000depending on the mint mark and the condition of the coin. 1951Proof Lincoln Cent has a value from about $20 to ab (MORE)