How much water is there in the body?

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There is 60% of water in the body.
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How much water does your body contain?

3/4 water! Lets have some more info. Body contains water 75%. Heart contains ,, ,, 78%. Brain contains ,, ,, 70% or 80% Bone contains water 22%.

How much water is in the human body?

These are averages of. Babies - 75%. One year of age - drops to 65%. Adult Men - 60%. Adult Women - 55% (because they typically have more fat than men)

How much of your body weight is water?

Answer . Water is your body's principal chemical component, comprising, on average, 60 percent of your weight . Above retrieved from,

How much water is in a human's body?

The human body has a variable water content that changes daily and with age and gender and body type. On average, adult humans have 57 to 60 % water by mass. At birth, a
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How much water is needed for the body?

Every system in your body depends on water. Because 60% of our bodyis water. For healthyness eight 8-ounce glasses of water isnecessary for our body a day ." That's about 1.9
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How much water is needed by our bodies?

As our body is made up of 70% water, we need approximately 7 - 8 glasses per day. But dont forget that most foods do contain fluids so i'm sure you wont need that much. Keep