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Which has more HD programming cable or directv?

  DirecTV does and has far more bandwidth to add HD channels. (remember DirecTV is transmitting local stations for like 50 markets in the US, at 4 per city, that alone is (MORE)

How do you program my remote control that is directv?

  Select menu, click on system setup, select 'remote', select 'program remote', select 'tv', select your type of TV. Slide the top slider on your remote to 'TV', press and (MORE)

Is it illegal to change your DirecTv service address?

According to my installer, yes. It is very upsetting, because I live 2 miles away from the state line, and I am being forced to have a local's stations that are over 40 miles (MORE)

How do you program a durabrand tv with directv?

on dtv remote slide switch to tv press and hold mute and select until light flashes twice ,press 9 9 1 then 1 again ,press power button under slider then press channel button (MORE)