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How many eggs can a iguana lay?

Typically around 50 eggs.. With our female the amount of eggs she lays increases every time she falls pregnant. First lots were around 32, second lot were 52 and a lady at th (MORE)
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Do marine iguanas lay eggs?

Yes. Considered a THREATENED species the iguana's eggs are preyed upon by feral cats,dogs and rats. This species is found only on the Galapagos Islands.
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Do iguanas die after laying eggs?

Iguanas do not have maternal instincts and do not care for their eggs or young. She will not miss the eggs. After she lays, she will be pretty wiped out! Many die in transit, (MORE)
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When do iguanas lay eggs?

Female Iguanas will lay eggs when they become sexually mature, which is around 1.5 to 2 years old. They do not need to be fertilized to lay so therefore do not need a male Igu (MORE)
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Where do green iguanas lay their eggs?

Green Iguanas (female) will dig holes in the ground to lay eggs. She will dig additional holes to confuse would-be egg poachers. After that she leaves the eggs, the hatchlings (MORE)

How often does haribon lay eggs?

A haribon also known as a Philippine Eagle lays eggs about twice ina year. However there are no evidences on this as it is acritically endangered animal.
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How often does a parrot lay eggs?

a parrot lays eggs whenever you leave it in a breading box with a partner of a different sex the amount of eggs it lays depends on what type of parrot you have try going to a (MORE)
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How do you know when the iguana is about to lay eggs?

Week # . Typical changes/signs . 1-4. Appetite remains pretty steady. Increased restlessness starts, or continues if started before egg development.. 4-5. Appetite starts (MORE)