Are snow peas a winter plant?

IT probably depends on the zone but peas like cool weather. In the mid west we consider them to be a spring vegetable. As soon as the weather features 80 degrees F with night (MORE)

Are snow peas common plants?

Snow peas are easy to grow, just like other peas. The seeds are easy to find in many seed catalogues, at least in North America. Like other peas they prefer cool weather, so i (MORE)
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When do snow peas grow?

Usually, depending on where you live, snow peas grow during the spring, like late April, to early May. That is for most of the areas in the world, but it depends on where you (MORE)

How often does Cornwall have snow?

This is a good question.It is easy to answer because Conrwall doesn't get snow that often as it is too mild! But in January 2010 the whole of Cornwall was covered in a blanket (MORE)