How often is the ambulance used per day?

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How often does your skin shed and how much per day?

It doesn't shed a lot and if it does, DON'T PICK IT. it could make you scar resulting in having to get your tattoo redone. Just don't pay attention to it and I promise it won'

How often do the Hindu's pray per day?

Depends on the person and the time available to him/her, sometimes twice, sometimes once, otherwise more infrequently. If the person is an atheist Hindu like me, he/she would

How often can you take penicillin per day?

It is best to space the doses out as evenly as possible. So if you are taking 3 doses it is better to take it every 8 hours. That way you keep the medicine in your system as m

What is the use of a ambulance?

That depends on what type of ambulance you are talking about. Emergency Ambulance: most common type which provide care to people with an illness or injury. It can be road-goin
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How often do people chew per day?

it depends on how hard or soft the food is,how many meals you eat,and how many snacks you're eating. ask someone else.
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Why is transport used often these days?

Transport is offen used these days to travel longer distances, if we didn`t travel we wouldn`t get lovely food like we do now. Hope this has answered your question!
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How often and how much should a cat eat per day?

Cats will usually self-regulate and eat what they need, so you should just make sure they have food. A cat that gets fat is probably not getting too much food, it's getting
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How often does an ambulance crash?

Ambulance crashes can be all too common, especially in rural areas. It is estimated that 6,500 ambulance crashes occur each year. This estimate includes minor accidents also.