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How old is a cg conn clarinet with serial number 424nb3015440L?

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How old is buffet clarinet serial number 179986?

  Looks like 1977. Go to this site and see http://www.uark.edu/ua/nc/ClarinetCollections/BuffetClarinetsSerialNumber.htm --- Or get it direct from the source at: http://w

How old is buffet clarinet serial number 698329?

serial number does not exist -- according to Buffet site ---- Clearly, your serial number exists else you'd not have asked. However, Buffet's online serial number database on

How old is a Vito V40 clarinet serial number D35614?

The link below goes to a list of Leblanc clarinet serial numbers. If I understand this chart, it was probably made in 1998, but since they restarted the numbers in 1984-85, it

How old is cavalier clarinet serial number 09958?

The Cavalier line of band instruments was established or launched  in 1931 by the Conn Ltd subsidiary or division Pan American Band  Instrument and Case Co. While dating by