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How old is your Nikon D60 camera?

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How does the Nikon D60 compare with the Nikon D40x?

  Well the D60 is better because it is more advanced, it has better quality (6 megapixels vs. 10 megapixels). If you buy the kit, the 18-55mm lens will come with vibration

Nikon d60 vs nikon d80?

The D60 is much lighter and smaller. It is better if you mostly shoot with Auto or Program Mode The D80 (and D90) is heavier and bigger but has better controls for manual adj

How old is the Canon D60 camera?

The Canon D60 was announced on Feb. 22, 2002. That means the first cameras would now be over a decade old. This model has been discontinued, so you cannot buy them new from th