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How should the management change if we want it available for the long term?

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How should you answer 'What are your long term goals'?

The main thing is to just be honest. Think about what you really  want to do with your future and where you want to be. Surely there  is something you'd rather be doing if t

What should you do if you've just split with your long-term boyfriend and you want him back but he tells you he needs space but doesn't know if he wants you back or not?

  Answer     At least he's honest and you can be thankful for that. I don't know if you split with him, he split with you, or you both agreed on the split-up.

What are the various sources of long term finance available to a firm?

There are different sources of long term finance which can be used to generate the finance for the business for long period of time. One of the most commonly used is Equity Sh

What are long-term changes in climate?

Are changes that span long periods of time exceeding a few years. Climate changes that occur in less than a decade may be considered short-term changes.

Are there Videos and books available for abusive husbands who want to change?

The best thing is to go to a "Batterer's Intervention Class" if Anger Management doesn't work. The books should be for the victim. There is a book called "Why does he do that?

Shaw capital management question. What should you do to succeed in long-term investments?

Diversify. Spread your risks by investing in a number of stocks in different markets and in mutual funds, bonds and other instruments. A good rule is that no one stock or othe
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What jobs are available as a long term care lead?

There are many jobs available as a long term care lead. You may find these listed at you local job centre and various recruitment outlets, most recruitment sites offer web bas
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What does the term managing organizational change mean?

The term managing organizational change is the planning and process and implementation of changes in an organization. Managing organizational change is done in a way that it