How should you receive Holy Communion?

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Who can receive Holy Communion?

Any Christian is entitled to receive the Eucharist. In the Orthodox Faith, once you are baptised you are able to receive the Holy Communion. In the Catholic Faith, commu

How should a person prepare to receive Holy Communion?

We should prayerfully recollect ourselves prior to coming to Mass. We should strive to arrive on time, allowing ourselves to prepare our minds and hearts for the liturgy. Upon

Do Pentecostals receive Holy Communion?

Yes.. Holy Communion is a very important sacrement of the Church. In the New Testament, Jesus says that when we do this, we remember him and the sacrifice he has made for all

What should a person do after receiving Holy Communion?

Speak to God (Prayer). One could thank God for his blessings, ask for help or understanding. What one discusses with God is up to them at this time. After Holy Communion we

Can you receive Holy Communion when you are not baptized?

Baptism is something that takes place in your heart not some old fogey trying to drown you, if you decide to be a follower of Jesus you are 'baptised' simply by accepting him

What is necessary to receive Holy Communion?

At what age? child - 2 years in Religious Education, preceded by Sacrament of Reconciliation (aka Confession / Penance). Both required by Church Teaching. usually received i

Why is it important to receive Holy Communion?

The Eucharist is the pinnacle of the Catholic faith. It is the whole reason the Mass exists and it was directly commanded by Jesus when he said "this is my body...this is my b

What is a Holy Communion and what age do you receive it?

Most Catholic children receive their First Holy Communion when they reach the age of reason, about seven years of age. Communion is the receiving of the body and blood of Chri

What are the conditions for receiving Holy Communion?

Roman Catholic Answer You must be a Catholic who is old enough to have received their first Holy Communion. You must be in good standing with the church, and in a state of gr

When can you receive Holy Communion?

In the Catholic Church, you may receive Holy Communion once a day (under certain circumstances, twice) if you have made your first Holy Communion, have been to confession rece

Are you lesbian can receive holy communion?

No you can't, because in the bible it explains how god destroyed 2 cities because they were showing gay affection.So think about it if god destroyed these cities, for doing a